Who We Are

We believe in using communications to make things work better, faster, smarter and more efficiently.

We’re obsessed with the intersection of technology, communications and human behavior. We integrate behavioral communication into the total, fundamental processes of business and government, delivering positive influence and impact in public discourse and social interaction.

We use communications to bring out the best in people, by helping them express themselves and understand each other.

We are a catalyst of conversations and a curator of fun and interesting information. We’re not your typical communications agency. We work hard to help our clients connect and interact with the people they care about most.

We are pop psychologists, armchair anthropologists, humble futurists, data nerds and digital media natives.

We help empower strategists in business, society, public discourse and art.

We use communications to challenge assumptions, break through the status quo, deconstruct conventional wisdom and bypass traditional gatekeepers of cool.

Our mission is to engage, inspire and empower by sharing ideas and sparking conversations across digital and analog communication platforms.

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8/F ACE Building, 101 - 103 Rada St., Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines   |   +63 2 218 1366   |   info@evident.ph
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