Trainings and Workshops

We capacitate individuals and organizations to follow their why

We train in-house marketing teams or individuals to develop and implement efficient social media practices in their workplace


Social Media Basics:

Platform Familiarization

Business Account Set-Up

Platform Best Practices

Current Trends

We train marketers to measure metrics that matter so they can be more purposeful in allocating and using their resources


Ad Platform and Analytics Basics:

Ad Platform Set-Up

Ad Types

Audience Creation

Budget and Targeting

Monitoring and Measurement Plan


We segment stakeholders by behavioral objectives and relationships and communications channel objectives to motivate desired behavior


Mission Critical Module (3-part series):

Mission Critical

Stakeholder Mapping

Messaging and Positioning


We educate clients on the realities of Philippine media and information environment, so they can the space with confidence and ease


Media Management Masterclass:

Philippine Media Landscape and Culture

Navigating Today’s Newsroom

Interview Techniques

Basics of Issues Management

Mock Interviews