Generating leads and thank yous for teachers

The Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) teamed up with Australian Aid to launch Scholarships for Teaching Education Programs to Upgrade Teacher Quality or STEP UP. The goal of STEP UP is to get 1,000 high quality educators to teach for at least three years in public schools.


The Challenge


A nationwide campaign that will encourage potential educators to apply for a scholarship.


The Solution


Dear Teacher: a campaign designed to elevate the cultural status of the teaching profession, and in turn, find and inspire potential scholars to contribute 3 years of their lives in serving the country.

We had celebrities write letters to their favorite teachers, and produced videos in which we surprised those teachers with the letters, while capturing their passion for teaching.




We conducted a nationwide targeting strategy that identified those already predisposed to teaching. With data gathered from the government, together with an in-depth look at online demographics and behavior, we were able to deploy highly targeted social media ads to specific areas that are within close proximity of PBED’s partner schools, such as Cavite, Cebu and Davao.

The campaign was able to reach the beyond the target of 2400 applicants. The eight videos were viewed more than 700,000 times. However, what ultimately converted the views into applications were the informative content and calls-to-action on the Facebook page.

We learned from the data gathered that 10% of our target were from the ages 31-40 years old, which gave us the insight that it’s never too late to answer the call to becoming a teacher. It also allowed students to express a collective thank you to all those pursuing the most noble profession of teaching. Many people online even posted their own stories about their own teachers. That alone made us–and the teachers as well–feel like a million bucks.


Key Result Areas

  • 125% of target applications
  • 63,000 new page likes
  • Average 300 queries per week
  • 2017 Boomerang award for Effectiveness in Database/Lead Generation
  • 2017 Anvil Award Gold for Public Relations Tools: Multimedia/Digital

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