Generating leads through an active online community


E-Sports International is a sports architecture and wellness solution company that offers top of the line gym equipment, high quality flooring, and world class artificial turf, along with the design, maintenance and planning of sustainable spaces.


The Challenge


Raise brand awareness and generate leads through their digital channels to increase online visibility and exposure, effectively communicating their values and competencies to their target audience.


The Solution


Repositioning of E-Sports as a company that provides products and services that support, empower, and expand the culture of wellness and active living in the Philippines.

Implementation of monthly search engine optimization, content creation, social media management, and email marketing activations that reflect this new strategic direction.




Produced tasteful branded content, high value newsroom articles and curated newsletters to empower and expand the culture of health and wellness. The content was also designed to increase website engagement and sales inquiries.

All of the efforts were empowered and supported by data tracking and insight generation. Through this activity, Evident was able to gather information about theclient’s most relevant audience and use it to target sales and lifestyle content to their platforms and devices.


Key Result Areas

  • 22% increase in fan likes

  • 77% increase in average website visits

  • Leads and customers from digital activations as verified by sales team


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