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Strengthening Filipino families against COVID-19



In the early days and months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the proliferation of fake or unverified news posed a threat to public health. There was an urgent need to disseminate accurate information on how to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. At the same time, this information had to be presented in a clear, practical, and easy-to-understand manner so that ordinary citizens could take action to protect themselves and their loved ones.



Breakthrough ACTION, the United States Agency for International Development’s flagship program for social and behaviour change, partnered with Evident to support the Philippine Department of Health as the official source for COVID-19 related information. Our “COVID Alis Sa Pamilyang Wais” or “Family Smarts Keep COVID Away” online campaign gave actionable tips to help Filipino families shift to and sustain preventive measures against COVID-19.


We designed campaign messages for the Healthy Pilipinas Facebook page—DOH’s main platform for health promotion. Our campaign positioned the page as a one-stop source for credible, digestible, and actionable health information against COVID-19.

We packaged the content on COVID-19 prevention in a fun and conversational manner to improve understandability and engagement.



Aside from online content development, we conducted weekly news and social media scans to help DOH and its partners plan their strategies in response to COVID-19.



By April 2020, after just one month, the Healthy Pilipinas page’s fan base increased by 82%

We reached and engaged the key household decision-makers who are considered the first line of defense in protecting their families against COVID-19. Various government, non-government, and corporate entities frequently reposted and further amplified our content, reaching even more people.


Due to its fun and fresh take, the campaign was featured as a best practice in Breakthrough ACTION’s network of over 21 member countries who are similarly producing social media content on COVID-19.



In addition, the DOH fully embraced the concept of “wais”—a colloquial expression for “wise” or “clever”—and created new content for their other health and wellness efforts.


The campaign even won a 2020 Bronze Stevie Award for Women in Business for “Best Use of Social Media – COVID-19 Related Information”.


Through these efforts, we are able to encourage preventive habits against the COVID-19 and empower Filipino families, the government, and other stakeholders to respond relevantly to the health crisis.

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