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Sparking conversations and breaking the stigma on birth control to drive traffic for Dima


In the Philippines, conversations on Reproductive Health are still avoided and considered taboo, posing a challenge to Filipinos who would like to take care of themselves down there.


Majority of Filipinos, especially women, are looked down on for using or even inquiring about RH products. Thus, they are highly discouraged to learn more and take care of their sexual health. In some cases, some have self-prescribed and resorted to purchasing from unverified and unsafe online shops. 


RH medications are still acquired via the conventional method of visiting a physician, getting a prescription, and purchasing from a physical store. This makes the medicine less accessible and affordable.


To help curb these RH issues and break the stigma on RH, our client Dima, a safe and FDA-approved online platform for RH products, needed to establish its presence in the market.


Evident positioned Dima as an online sexual health partner that is friendly, informative, and free from judgement to boost Dima’s salience and difference from traditional sexual health providers. We backed the strategy with an integrated marketing approach that employed analytics, hypertargeting, and PR to demonstrate Dima’s understanding of its market.

We implemented Search Engine Optimization to organically increase Dima’s visibility and credibility. As site traffic increased, we analyzed the audience’s demographics, interests, and visited pages to create content that met their needs for a private, convenient, affordable, and safe provider of RH products and services. 

To amplify the content, we implemented hyper targeting and media buying efforts. 

We also implemented a 2-month PR Influencer campaign entitled #DoItWithDima to promote Dima’s Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP) offerings. For this, Evident partnered with local nano, micro, and mega influencers who have openly talked about their sexual health journey and have an established following in content-sharing digital platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

More than just driving sales and traffic to the website, the campaign empowered young women to do what they want to while taking care of themselves with the help of Dima.


Evident was able to grow Dima’s Facebook and Instagram platforms from scratch just after a 4-month engagement. 

On average, Evident’s content and paid ads campaign contributed to a 200% monthly increase in the site’s overall sessions, all of which were directly attributed to Dima’s social media channels.

Through its digital content production and media buying campaign, Dima achieved the following figures:

  • 2.8M users reached monthly, at 24.3% monthly growth rate
  • 500k post engagements, at around 36k engagements per post
  • 90% growth in following (1,858 Facebook page likes)
  • 208k ad recall lift or the number of users who remember seeing Dima’s ad
  • 70K landing page views
  • 4%  average click-through rate 

Leveraging the influencer’s own following on their social media platforms, our key opinion leaders (KOL) engagement generated the following figures in promoting Dima’s OCP product line:

  • 29k reach on Instagram
  • 743k impressions on Twitter
  • 10.5k views on YouTube
  • 2.5k website clicks on Instagram and Twitter

Additionally, an overall positive sentiment was received from the audience, especially from Twitter, where a lot of user-generated conversations were started from the KOL’s original tweet. Tweets and exchanges on their own sexual health journey were organically shared by the users as well.

With the successful launch of Dima, thousands of Filipinos were able to consult with a doctor and acquire safe RH products in an accessible manner, at  affordable prices, and free from judgment. This represents a new frontier for reproductive health, and Evident is proud to be on the frontlines with Dima as it seeks to improve the Filipino’s sexual health.

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