Women-Led, Women-Driven: How We Empower Women Through Our Work

From the beginning, Evident has always been an inclusive, woman-led company. As of March 2022, 31 of our 46 employees are women, with 10 women leaders with direct reports. From our CEO and co-founder Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico to the rest of our MANCOM, our organization is led by women who strive to build and sustain our diverse culture.

We Let Women Lead

When Cecile started Evident, her aspiration was to build an agency that focused on social impact and uses communications to advocate for good. With her background in NGOs, she already knew that working with an inclusive, diverse culture was important in developing the best solutions for complex problems.

Aside from being a full-time SHE-EO, Cecile is a hands-on mom to two young children. She keeps a good balance between leading Evident and being a mom, while also being an active advisor to the social impact sector. Currently, Cecile serves as a board member for Teach for the Philippines and the Association of Foundations. She was also recently elected to be part of the 2022-2023 4As Board of Trustees. 

Our SHE-OO, Stephanie Balois-Guerrero is also a #BossMom of Evident and two toddlers, who wears many hats. Not only is Steph the operational head of Evident and the Sports, Gaming, and Entertainment (SGE) unit, she is an Adjunct Professor for digital marketing at the Asian Institute of Management. A graduate of the Harvard Business School, Steph is a part of the Harvard Business School Club of the Philippines Board of Trustees and an active member of the Harvard Club of the Philippines.

Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico (CEO) and Stephanie Balois Guerrero (COO)

Evident’s business units –  Advocacy Communications (ADV), Corporate and Public Affairs (CPA), Digital Marketing (DMU), Creatives (CRE), and Sports, Gaming, and Entertainment (SGE) are all helmed by women. 

Having an all-female MANCOM wasn’t intentional, but as the saying goes: like attracts like. Through the foundations Cecile set and the company’s core values, we have attracted a team of skilled female leaders who are driven by the same sense of empathy and purpose.

The business units directors all bring a unique set of experiences and credentials to the team, having worked in different industries throughout their career. Erica, our Digital Marketing Unit Head is an analyst, mom, fur-mom, and a former national athlete for karate. Diane our CPA Head and Jenny our Executive Creative Director both hail from major advertising and PR agencies in the Philippines, and are fur-moms to their dogs named Sisig and Morning respectively.  Dove heads our Advocacy Communications department, received honors for her work in women empowerment, and is the fur-mom of multiple cats. Tammy, our senior content strategist for SGE brings with her a wealth of experience from her time as a multimedia journalist for notable Philippine and international media publications. 

Evident’s All-Female MANCOM (clockwise from left): Diane Hidalgo (Director for Corporate and Public Affairs), Erica Samonte (Director for Digital Marketing), Dove Subingsubing (Director for Advocacy Communications), Tammy David (Sr. Content Strategist for Sports, Gaming, and Entertainment), Jenny Nadong (Executive Creative Director)

Today, under their leadership, we are thriving in an industry where gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity is often difficult to achieve.

We Amplify Women’s Voices

With most of our leaders and employees being female, we’re always ready and eager to do work that focuses on giving women voices—from young girls who need more opportunities and encouragement to pursue STEM, to female OFWs who need more support, to women silently suffering from health conditions and social stigma. Here are some of our case studies that highlight the meaningful work we do for women: 

STEMpower Our Girls: Getting More Girls Into STEM

Participants and hosts of the STEMPower Our Girls event

Young girls lose interest in STEM at an early age because of prevalent gender stereotypes. With this project, we helped break those barriers in the Philippines.

In partnership with Philippine Business for Education (PBED), we co-designed STEMpower Our Girls—a one-year program funded by Investing in Women, an initiative by the Australian Government. We also developed the branding for the program, as well as its digital marketing, and public relations efforts.

The program reached out to 120 sixth grade girls at the age when they’re most likely to lose interest in STEM. PBEd conducted after-school programs, industry talks, career caravans, and workshops to encourage the girls’ interest in STEM.

The campaign was successful, with all our Facebook posts having higher engagement rates versus industry standards, and most of the 120 girls in our program expressing a commitment to continue pursuing STEM, with their parents developing a better appreciation for STEM as a viable career path for their daughters. The campaign also won the 2019 Gold Stevie® Award for PR Campaign of the Year in Public Service at the  Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

For more details on this project, visit our case study page.

Dima Influencer Campaign: Breaking the Stigma on Birth Control

In the Philippines, discussions on reproductive health and birth control are often considered taboo. Women are especially looked down upon when they inquire about reproductive health and birth control products. What we loved about working with Dima is that they aimed to help women get the reproductive health information and products they need without fear of being judged.

With our integrated marketing approach that combines analytics, creative, and PR, we helped break the stigmas and helped women realize that they have a right to take care of their reproductive health. For our #DoItWithDima PR campaign, we partnered with local nano, micro, and mega influencers who have been discussing reproductive health on their platforms. 

Through our efforts, not only did we drive more traffic and sales on the Dima website, but we also empowered women to discuss and seek the reproductive healthcare they need.

Learn more about this project by visiting our case study page.

Bayer Endometriosis Virtual Press Conference: Getting Women to Talk About Their Pain

Stephanie Manalo, our project manager (upper left) hosting the Bayer Endometriosis Press Con, with guest speakers Dr. Angela Aguilar, OB GYN and Ms. Ella Martelino, Endometriosis Patient Care Advocate

Endometriosis is an under-reported and painful condition that many women of every age suffer. Millions of women around the world are affected by it, but most never speak about it. We worked together with Bayer to open up the conversation through a virtual press conference, where we invited Dr. Angela Aguilar, OB GYN and Ms. Ella Martelino, Endometriosis Patient Care Advocate, along with 10 media attendees, to discuss this silent epidemic specifically affecting women.

The press con was also broadcasted through the Ask Mara PH Facebook page, and has garnered a total of 688 views as of this writing. You can still watch the recording at the Ask Mara PH Facebook page.

We Will Keep Inspiring Change

Female members of our Manila team and Cotabato team meeting face-to-face for the first time
Female members of our Manila team and Cotabato team meeting face-to-face for the first time

Much progress has been made in pushing for equality and inclusivity for women, but there is still much work to be done. Being an agency that is predominantly female gives us a deeper, more empathetic understanding of what that work entails. And it’s not just our female employees that are dedicated to this cause—all our employees, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are allies in our fight for inclusivity and equality for everyone.

This Women’s Month, we’re reminded of how important it is to continue amplifying women’s voices. Just as our female leaders continue to inspire us within Evident, we are all fully committed to inspire everyone else to take their lead and affect positive change.

If you’d like to work with us, fill out our contact form or send us an email at info@evident.ph

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