Saan Humuhugot ng INSPO? Our Creatives Share What Inspires Their Craft

This blog post was written by Nikki Dimayacyac, one of our Junior Copywriters.

As Creatives, we often have to wrestle with our greatest enemy – creative block! It’s either we have too many ideas or none at all. To overcome this great adversary, we each have our own sources of creative inspiration. Check out some of our teammates’ sources of inspo below!

Des: Finding Fresh Perspective on TikTok

Desiree Ong, copywriter, with screenshots of her TikTok content.

It’s hard to get ideas when you’re always stuck at home. More often than not, this also means you get stuck inside your own head because you see the same things all day, every day. What a Creative needs when stuck this way is to find some fresh perspective. Our copywriter, Desiree “Des” Ong, finds that perspective on TikTok. “Each day, there’s something new to see in TikTok, whether food, fashion, or just pure kalokohan,” she says. “It helps me stay up-to-date with the trends and learn interesting information.”

TikTok plays a big role in Des’ life outside of Evident. Some may already know her as @chinnydes – a TikTok influencer with more than 21,000 followers. She does content on lifestyle, food, and coffee – successfully balancing all this with her work as an Evident Creative.

Nico: Revisiting Memories for Daily Creativity

Nicholas Sia, junior art director, along with his college council friends.

Research says nostalgia allows people to be more open to future experiences. This boosts creativity. So when his creative juices run dry, our junior art director, Nicholas “Nico” Sia, likes to reflect on his college memories with his council friends. Remembering how he handled events and solved problems with his friends helps him face any new challenges at work with grace.

“How I go back to the memories that my friends and I made, it always results in beautiful solutions and outcomes,” says Nico.

Paulie: Letting Inspiration Pop from KPop

Paulie Oczon, art director, with her favorite KPop groups: SHINee (left) and Aespa (right).

There’s no denying that KPop is a cultural phenomenon. From ingenious approaches to music videos to showcasing every idol’s diverse talents, KPop is brimming with creativity. No wonder Paulie Oczon, one of our art directors, is a fan and keeps being inspired by it. “[KPop artists] play with their concepts well and are very creatively competitive, even in their album designs, teasers, etc. Those inspire me,” she says.

Once in a while, Paulie comes up with concepts heavily influenced by KPop – such as making an AR app inspired by Aespa’s “Savage” EP – because she believes that Filipinos are capable of producing work that’s just as creative and innovative as KPop.

Yanni: Exploring the World of Manga

Yanni Panesa, senior art director, with her current favorite manga: Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man.

Manga is a great example of visual storytelling done well. This medium combines graphic and written storytelling and combines both in a variety of ways. “As a designer who works with and thinks in terms of visual elements to convey an idea, or a message, it always amazes me seeing the various ways or techniques that authors employ to really make the most out of the medium,” says Yanni Panesa, our senior art director.

Keeping the readers hooked while keeping the story compact and cohesive is another important skill of great manga authors that Yanni tries to apply to her own creative work. And, if nothing else, manga has made Yanni enjoy life a little more. “It keeps my sanity in check and my creative juices flowing.”

El: Cards as Creative Prompts

El Santos, associate creative director, along with some tarot cards that she often uses for creative prompts.

Our associate creative director, Elrica “El” Santos, believes that “a good prompt can help shake you out of [a creative block.]” That’s why she sometimes uses her tarot or oracle cards as creative prompts.

When stuck, she takes a deck from her collection and draws a random card, and she uses the meaning or imagery of that card as a prompt or trigger for her writing. “For example, I drew the Six of Cups. Six of Cups is a card that signifies nostalgia and childhood delights. Coming from that, I can think of stories with nostalgia as their theme or think of memories that can be woven into a different tale,” El explains. She has also used this technique in creative writing activities for Evident copywriters. 

Creative block is really a common experience for anyone in the business – whether we’re creating for client projects or personal ones. But we don’t have to let it hold us back. Instead, we seek inspiration from things we truly enjoy and allow our creativity to flourish

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