At Evident, we use data and science to inform and improve the work of communication by creating meaningful engagement that empowers clients to emerge in the digital landscape that is loaded with information. We welcome individuals from different backgrounds who seek the opportunity where everyone and everything can thrive collectively. If you have the passion, resolve, and a collaborative spirit, work with us, and let’s change the world together, by measuring what matters.

Job Description

The Research and Data Analyst Intern will read relevant project and account reports and documents and meet with the Associates for Data and Insights to become oriented with the projects and the accounts handled by the team.

This orientation will take the equivalent of one working day and will involve familiarization with the project and account background, the research design and methods, the specific objectives of the project, and the data collection instruments used. The second component of preparing for data analysis will be a two-day training on Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Meltwater. Once analysis work is underway, the Research and Data Analyst Intern will be expected to work at the office to ensure that data safety and proper analysis procedures are followed, team members can provide relevant technical support, and to allow for the development of synthesized report of results.

Once data analysis is underway, the Research/Data Analyst Intern will be responsible for the following:

  • Serve as the data administrator (store hard data, maintain security, maintain file names and naming conventions, etc.)
  • Organize, coordinate, and manage data extracted from Meltwater.
  • Update databases as necessary
  • Support development of data analysis plan
  • Identify areas for further investigation and analysis
  • Assist with synthesis and writing of preliminary data analysis findings


  • We expect that the internship will be completed in 300 hours with the possibility for extension. It is understood that the intern will work 20-40 hours per week working with the Data and Insights Unit at the Evident Communications office.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Equivalent field of study: Library and Information Science, Communications Research, Applied Physics, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics.

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