Job Description

Business Development

  • Achieve monthly and annual sales targets by identifying potential leads and markets by doing research online or offline
  • Achieve monthly and annual sales targets by securing contract renewals or new business opportunities from existing clients
  • Implement lead generation tactics such as cold calling, emailing, or activation social media channels
  • Respond to, and engage with, any sales inquiries or requests for information
  • Work with different teams to develop client pitches (prepare SOWs, presentations, and quotations)
  • Negotiate SOWs and pricing
  • Build relationships with current and potential clients to expand business opportunities
  • Continuously seek opportunities to expand existing client business

Strategy and Planning

  • Conduct research and analysis
  • Lead and participate in the creation of strategic plans and communications products for clients
  • Draft budgets and work plans for internal and client approval
  • Create presentations for clients

Continuous Learning

  • Commit to continuous learning and staying abreast of trends in communications

Project Management

  • Ensure proper client and internal team onboarding
  • Act as day-to-day client contact and primary liaison between client and implementing team
  • Oversee the overall production of project deliverables, working and leading team members as necessary, and ensuring delivery quality and timeliness
  • Inform internal team members of possible issues as they arise, and manage outcomes of these
  • Produce accurately written materials such as summaries, presentations, reports, and other materials as required, ensuring that all agreements are documented
  • Ensure that a professional and relatable voice and style format is maintained in all materials
  • When required, manage media and public relations initiatives, build and maintain media and key stakeholder relationships
  • Oversee the implementation of the project timelines and set meetings or progress sessions as stated in the contract
  • Act as the client’s “brand champion” and police any possible deviations to strategy, persona, or playbook
  • Act as supplementary social media manager, assisting the content team, and respond to comments and inquiries when the opportunity arises
  • Act as general liaison between Evident and freelancers/suppliers/sub-contractors
  • Ensures that products submitted to client are aligned with overall strategy and direction

Finance Coordination

  • Draft invoices for clients and send for approval by Principals
  • Coordinate payment follow-ups with Ops Executive
  • Assist in the collection of payment (as needed)
  • Inform Finance officer / Ops Executive of the payment schedule
  • Inform Finance officer / Ops Executive of the changes to the contract (if any)
  • Collect necessary finance-related documents needed for the engagement
  • Ensure service delivery from, and payment to suppliers, partners, or third-party contractors

Operations and Special Projects

  • Where assigned, assist in the company’s day-to-day business operations
  • Where assigned, implement special projects on behalf of Evident and/or its partners which may include: process improvements, marketing, business development, events, etc.

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