IN PHOTOS: Bayer Philippines launches a campaign to create safe spaces for women to discuss their reproductive health and make informed decisions about their bodies

On August 30, 2023, Evident partnered with Bayer Philippines to launch its campaign, “Bayer For Her: Conversations of Care” to encourage discussions and action around women’s health.

The launch gathered medical experts and women’s health advocates who have experienced health issues and encouraged Filipinas to seek professional healthcare advice on their reproductive health concerns.

To support more women in making informed choices about their bodies, “Bayer For Her” also opened a series of free pop-up consultation clinics at select partner drug stores from October to November 2023.

We collaborated with influencers with experience in women’s health topics like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and contraception to share their stories on social media and encourage Filipinas to talk to their doctors about their concerns.

To promote the utilization of the free services to Filipinas, we were joined by women’s health advocates, Say Tioco – a content creator and podcast host who is passionate and vocal about topics like contraception among women, and Melissa Gohing Nacino – a mother and former professional athlete who suffered from PCOS.

Say has advocated for more Filipinas to open up the discussion about contraceptives since it is still considered taboo. Her advocacy is to raise awareness among young Filipinas about contraceptives and inform them that the best way to know more about its effects is by consulting healthcare professionals. 

Melissa, meanwhile, has been encouraging more Filipinas to consult a doctor to verify the signs and symptoms of PCOS. This way, they can receive the proper treatment option suited for their bodies and situations. 

The pop-up clinics were aimed to create safe spaces for women to speak up and normalize conversations about their reproductive health concerns, address common misconceptions and barriers as to why they do not consult with their doctors, and get the kind of support they need.

Evident supported Bayer Philippines in their marketing and communications initiatives by promoting these clinics through a Facebook live series and other social media content. 

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