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Internships, which are usually part of a student’s journey before graduation, serve as a jump-off point to the real world and future careers. But what exactly are internships and why are they important?

Internships as Stepping Stones

It’s not all about putting media kits together or facing stacks and stacks of paperwork–they’re backstage passes to the real action in the corporate world!

In support of classroom learning, internships immerse students in the day-to-day operations of a professional environment. According to an article by Forbes, internships also act as essential tools as it opens doors to valuable relationships and mentorship from which interns can access lifelong learnings.

Whether they’re interested in public relations, social media strategies, or even gaming, our interns get to learn and experience how to manage events, write business and lifestyle stories, as well as collaborate with clients, media partners, and key opinion leaders.

Sharing What We Know

On October 10, 2023, the interns were treated to a Learning Session by the Advocacy Communications team to share both theoretical and practical information on advocacy and development communications.

In the session, Associate Director Paolo Balderia provided insights on advocacy and development communications. He explained the similarities and differences between these two concepts, highlighting their role in driving change across various scales, from individual to societal levels. 

Is Media Relations all about making celebrities famous? Debunking this, Senior Public Relations Manager Nicolle Garrido delved into how advocacies can effectively reach the right audiences with the right messaging through public and media relations strategies. She emphasized the significance of creating materials that not only pack a punch but also capture the attention of news writers and editors because of their social relevance.

On the other hand, the Corporate and Public Affairs unit conducted its interns’ final project presentation on October 17, 2023. As part of their internship program, CPA interns developed an integrated marketing communications plan that they showcased to the team, demonstrating the strategies and ideas they have picked up throughout their stay at Evident.

But the learning doesn’t end once the plan is presented. To further improve the interns’ presentation and conceptualization skills, our Project Managers and Associate Directors shared their takes on the output and gave comments that the interns can bring even in school or in their future workplaces.

Of course, there’s always a lot of fun when we’re with our interns! Aside from the learning sessions, interns also had “pecha kucha” presentations that allowed them to talk about any topic. We learned that some of them were into movies, some shared life stories, and some were into pets that their decks were just full of memes of cats and dogs!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our interns may have the chance to meet clients, the media, and even influencers during events, but they’re the real stars of the show! Hear from them about their journeys through the content that they have created during their stay.

Advocacy Communications Intern Lindsay Carlos shares a glimpse of her internship in this video where she got to attend an event organized by Villgro Philippines!

“Internship at Evident was such a big learning experience. It felt good that we learned the ropes of PR in such a healthy working environment where we actually learned the ways of agency life without having to face the toxicity,” Precious Camua, an intern from CPA, shared.

Meanwhile, Media Relations intern Kyla Esmama summarized her experience in three words: fun, collaborative, and nurturing. She also considers improving her time management and connecting with KOLs the highlight of her internship.

Another intern from Advocacy Communications, Chu, brings us along as he joins a workshop conducted by the team.

Internships aren’t just about getting your foot in the door–they’re about having transformative experiences that equip you with practical skills, industry insights, and media connections. Evident’s internship program is designed to be a bridge to career possibilities and provides the means to realize them.

Internships at Evident are available all year round. Check out our Careers page, send us your application and join us for a fun-filled learning experience.

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