Job Description


Type: Project-based, full-time
Contract Duration: 6-month contract period (June to November 2020)
Department/Location: Duty station in Cotabato City
Reports to: Director for Advocacy Communication (Evident)
Supervisory Responsibility: Evident Communications Planning Team, Cotabato City (composed of Communication Specialist and Project Assistant)


Evident Strategic Research and Consulting, Inc. is looking for a highly capable team member based in (or willing to relocate to) Cotabato City to lead the field coordination, planning, and communication initiatives for a 6-month engagement with the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE) of the BARMM.

The Lead Field Coordinator will work with the Cotabato-based project team, to organize and oversee implementation of specific activities for the project. Through close collaboration with Evident’s Director for Advocacy Communications (Overall Project Lead), they will be supported by Evident’s communications team operationally and technically. The Lead Field Coordinator will conduct day-to-day interface with the MBHTE’s internal communications and core communications team on project progress and regular information dissemination, and ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and appropriateness of the overall communication strategy output in the BARMM context. The Lead Field Coordinator is the line manager of field-based team members.

The engagement is a mix of remote work and field work/meetings, subject to strict compliance to minimum health standards prescribed by the Department of Health under GCQ, MGCQ, MECQ, and ECQ (depending on the changing health landscape over the engagement due to COVID-19.

Duties and Responsibilities

Key Function 1: Strategic and Programmatic Management

Expected Result: Be responsible for the successful delivery of expected output, cultivate productive relationships with the MBHTE, and co-create a relevant, accurate, and context-appropriate strategic communication plan with Evident while ensuring seamless alignment with the Cotabato field team on engagement expectations.

Tasks and Duties

  1. Oversee and manage the implementation of specific deliverables of the Evident Communications Planning Team (CPT) in Cotabato City
  2. Provide day-to-day and weekly project reporting and coordination through meetings with the MBHTE communications team
  3. Provide strategic advisory on the communication outputs  (digital, community engagement, public relations, etc.)
  4. Assist in distilling all information gathered in consultations and workshops, ensuring that the communication plan is appropriately contextualized for the BARMM’s needs in relation to its historical and cultural contexts and sensitivities, and the pressing education problems of the region
  5. Monitor implementation of program and logistics tasks by the Project Assistant (ex. securing a venue for workshops and consultations, etc.)
  6. Maintain frequent communication with Evident’s Director for Advocacy Communications (DAC) and Project Manager through daily teleconferences and submission of weekly progress reports
  7. Attend and assist ground facilitation of communication consultation and planning workshops, which will be a combination of virtual/remote facilitation and physical/real-time attendance
  8. Conduct reviews and recommendations of activity and deliverables documentation and ensure accuracy of all information documented, and translated, where applicable
  9. Coordinate with DAC on any overhead or administrative needs or concerns as they arise


Key Function 2: Working Relationships and Representation

Expected Result: Contribute to a positive and seamless engagement with key internal and external stakeholders

Tasks and Duties

  1. Represent Evident on-ground during physical meetings and field coordination with the MBHTE and its RIOs and DIOs, and work closely with them
  2. Develop strong collaborative relationships with Evident, MBHTE, and DFAT/Palladium to ensure good accountability on expected deliverables
  3. Contribute to creating a positive engagement through embodying Evident’s code of conduct, ethics, values, and standpoint to both internal and external stakeholders


Key Function 3: Security and Reporting

Expected Result: Ensure the accurate and proper documentation and reporting of all activities

Tasks and Duties

  1. Forecast and report any security considerations during the engagement (planning and implementation)
  2. Ensure application and compliance to security protocols and policies
  3. Send copies of key documents to Evident and ensure back-up of all documentation/reporting
  4. Ensure confidentiality and care for sensitive information disclosed, where applicable
  5. Identify and report any risks identified over the course of the project
  6. Review of reports, meeting minutes or contact reports

Other duties as assigned

The duties and responsibilities listed above are representative of the nature and level of work assigned, but not necessarily all inclusive.


  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, development, sociology, or political science, and other relevant fields
  • Five years’ experience leading similar work or projects (particularly in the BARMM) is ideal but not required. Other applicants will be considered depending on amount of relevant experience.
  • Based in Cotabato City, or is willing to be relocated there
  • Must own a computer/laptop to be used for work (Evident will not be supplying machines)

Functional Competencies

  • Excellent knowledge of the historical and cultural nuances of communication initiatives in the BARMM 
  • Deep understanding of the educational objectives and considerations or issues in the BARMM
  • Knowledge of building local partnerships and community engagement as integrated in communication planning
  • Excellent knowledge of project/program cycle management
  • Demonstrates strong management and coordination skills
  • Can build strong relationships with the MBHTE
  • Outcomes-focused, thinks of the long-term impacts of the engagement
  • Responds positively to feedback
  • Demonstrates ability to manage complexities
  • Must adhere to Evident’s child protection policy

What's next?

For interested applicants, please send a copy of your comprehensive CV and cover letter to