Key Insights from Meltwater Digital Report 2023: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Are you obsessed with the internet? Do you spend hours scrolling through social media feeds? Well, you’re not alone! According to the Meltwater Digital Report 2023, the Philippines is the third country in the world with the most time spent online. Filipinos love the internet! 

This is just one of the latest findings in the Meltwater Digital Report 2023, which was discussed at the event Evident co-hosted with Meltwater. Leading experts in the industry participated in this event, including Weldon Fung – Area Director at Meltwater, Sunita Howe – Marketing Manager at Meltwater, Stephanie Guerrero – COO at Evident, and Jim Guzman – Digital Director at Unilab. They discussed various topics related to digital marketing, including social media, influencer marketing, content marketing, and the role of technology in shaping the future of digital marketing.

Weldon Fung - Area Director at Meltwater
Meltwater: An Essential Partner for Evident

Meltwater is an online media monitoring company offering a social listening tool that provides valuable insights into the digital landscape, including people’s sentiments, news coverage, and competitor analysis. Evident has been utilizing it to help inform the strategy and communication of brands and institutions. With Meltwater, we can monitor online conversations and track the performance of its clients’ digital campaigns, allowing us to make data-driven decisions, craft effective digital strategies, and make significant optimizations to ensure maximum impact.

The Philippines is the third highest in the world with the most time spent online, after Brazil and Thailand
Filipinos are obsessed with the internet

One of the key takeaways from the event was the Philippines’ obsession with the internet. According to the Digital Report 2023, the Philippines is the third highest in the world with the most time spent online, after Brazil and Thailand. In addition, the Philippines ranks in the top five in most categories of social media usage, such as active social media accounts, and the number of social media users. This data reflects how Filipinos are heavily invested in the digital world and how businesses should leverage this trend to their advantage.

From left to right: Sunita Howe - Marketing Manager at Meltwater, Weldon Fung - Area Director at Meltwater, Stephanie Guerrero - COO at Evident, and Jim Guzman - Digital Director at Unilab
Influencer marketing and video content are more important than ever

The report shows that the annual spend on influencer advertising in the Philippines is $77.34 million. This figure demonstrates that influencers and creators hold significant weight in Filipinos’ decision-making process. This trend highlights the importance of businesses engaging with influencers to reach a wider audience and boost their online presence. The report also highlighted the growing importance of video content, which has seen explosive growth in recent years thanks to platforms like TikTok.

Content is STILL king

Another important aspect of the event was the emphasis on content being king. The speakers highlighted the need for businesses to produce high-quality and engaging content to capture their audience’s attention. With the abundance of content available online, businesses need to produce content that is not only relevant but also provides value to their audience – which is a principle that guides our own content creation efforts for clients.

AI as a Useful Tool for Marketers

Finally, we were excited to learn more about ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI. This tool is designed to help businesses generate high-quality content quickly and easily, using AI-powered language processing. As an integrated marketing & PR agency, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our content creation process and make it more efficient, so ChatGPT is a tool we’ll explore further.

Overall, the Meltwater event was a valuable experience for us and for the attendees, providing valuable insights into the digital landscape and the impact it has on businesses and consumers. With the help of tools like Meltwater, agencies like Evident are well-equipped to help navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

Representatives from Meltwater and Evident

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This blog post was written by Digital Marketing Specialist PJ Uy.

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