Fresh Eyes: 6 Truths We Now Know from Working in Digital Marketing

1. Authenticity is the name of the game


The best part of the current new media environment is people are actually looking for authenticity. But the thing is, trusting that there’s authentic goodness within yourself takes a lot of work. We’re all a little bad at being honest with ourselves. I like to think that we help people accept the goodness in themselves a little more, which allows a greater public to see that goodness too.”

—Gian, Public Affairs


2. Curated experiences are our new digital reality


I didn’t realize how curated my online experience was until ‘Facebook algorithms and boosting strategies’ became integral buzz phrases in my work. It’s not necessarily a bad thing! It just made me more conscious of my digital practices, and how much of it is not totally in my control.

—Louie, Design


3. Conversations without empathy aren’t conversations


The problem with traditional advertising is that much of it hinges on talking at your audience instead of with them, so that really limits how much you can connect with each other. Now, with social media, our interactions with our audiences have become more involved, and they happen in real time. This new dynamic encourages us all to be more empathetic, to really hear what people need, because we have such easy access to their inner worlds.”

Ayana, Content


4. You need to be agile if you want to stay relevant


“You have to always be paying attention to what’s happening out there. Since the digital landscape is constantly changingyou have to keep on top of trends, so that you could easily go where they take you. So that you’re not left behind by the times. That includes reading blogs, news. Even social sites. It all matters.

—Kaan, Accounts


5. ‘Boring’ is yesterday’s problem


You can sell anything using content marketing. Floors! We sell floors. They’re usually pretty boring, right? But we’re able to get people interested enough in them to read about them, because we have an entire strategy that pushesflooring as interesting. Content marketing can make anything interesting.”

—Cholo, Design


6. We have the power to do good here


Content marketing is very influential, it’s a tool that must be used responsibly. It’s something that could influence real, positive change. As users and consumers and creators in digital and content marketing, we have the responsibility to limit their negative impacts and maximize the positive changethey can inspire.”

—Hart, Content

Most people have an idea of what to expect out of this industry. They think it’s all data, numbers, and blasting promotions at people in the hope that something would stick. But that’s not what digital marketing is—it might have been, once, but certainly not anymore. What the Team Evident newbies see, and what we see, is a marketing landscape that favors the authentic, that reshapes experience, that cultivates empathic conversation, that necessitates flexibility, and that recognizes the power of good influence. And we sincerely hope that, eventually, that view would no longer come as a surprise.


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