Femme Forward: Evident Women Leading the Charge for Impact

This blog post was written by Mary Rayco, our Marketing Manager.

Amidst the celebration of this year’s International Women’s Month, we delve deeper into its theme, “Invest in women: Accelerate progress.” When we invest in women, we unlock broad social progress, fostering inclusive communities and sustainable economies. Investing in women not only combats poverty and inequality but also enables the amplification of marginalized voices, bringing us closer to a world where more people can succeed.

As a women-led organization, Evident endeavors to leverage our influence and resources to invest in women, both inside and outside of our organization. As a company, we strive to create an enabling environment that is inclusive and empowering.  

This month, we shine a spotlight on three employees who embody the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day and do work that delivers positive social impact. Through their dedication and initiatives, they exemplify our core values and demonstrate the significant impact of investing in women, not just within Evident but in other communities as well. Digital Marketing Specialist Pauline Tolosa, Business Development Specialist Anna Givera, and Senior Public Relations Manager Nicolle Garrido inspire us to continue our efforts in creating a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Pau: Breaking Barriers in Data Analytics
Pauline Tolosa, or Pau as we know her, is Evident’s most tenured data analyst to date.

When asked what this year’s theme meant for Pau, she said that “it signifies the importance of leveling the playing field because women possess immense capability across all professional fields.”

While being part of a women-led agency, Pau is a beacon in the male-dominated field of data analysis. She is currently the most tenured and only female data analyst at Evident, and with that comes her personal advocacy to share her expertise to foster a learning environment that supports all genders equally.

Pau’s journey in the world of data analysis is a testament to the limitless capabilities women possess and their ability to pursue excellence in their chosen spaces. The social listening projects that she has worked on have contributed in capturing Filipino sentiments on relevant social issues, giving her a sense that her work supports advancing positive social change. “Women should not be afraid of pursuing excellence in any field, even if it is traditionally dominated by men,” she asserts.

Her message to young professionals, especially women considering a career in data analysis, is powerful: “Push beyond the boundaries set by others’ preconceived notions. Have confidence in your capabilities, and let your work substantiate your worth.”

Anna: On Being Empowered by Inspiring Women
Anna Givera, a multi-faceted advocate in and out of work.

Investing in women means a more empathetic society, says Anna, our Corporate and Public Affairs team’s Business Development Specialist, who has had the privilege of working alongside women who inspire her in and out of Evident.

“In my daily work life, I get to work and meet powerful women who inspire me to be better, and to work with them in uplifting the lives of Filipinos. In one instance, I was given the opportunity to meet the CEO of PCX, Nanette Medved-Po, who reminded me that fighting the good fight is always worthwhile.”

Anna in action: campaigning within communities during the 2022 elections.

Anna has also been involved in several personal projects that align with her values and advocacies. Anna is particularly proud of her work during the 2022 elections, where she campaigned for women’s rights champion Sen. Risa Hontiveros. One of the projects that she did was a campaign about violence against women and children (VAWC) that was brought to different communities. There, she got to talk to women, connect with them, heard their stories on how initiatives such as the expanded maternity law helped them, and shared programs that champion women’s rights.

“For the whole duration of my work with Sen. Risa, never once did I doubt myself or the work I was doing. Everything was worthwhile. I never felt more inspired,” she shared.

A BS Psychology graduate, Anna is also an advocate for mental health. She was assigned the opportunity to partner with universities across the country to bring a Mental Health caravan to places that are being left behind.

At Evident, Anna says she feels seen, heard, and valued, and it is something that she does not take for granted. “It’s easy to empower and feel empowered when you are part of a workplace that values women, encourages them to take up space, and provides opportunities for continuous growth.”

A big believer that there are a lot of opportunities to push for personal advocacies and be part of impactful projects, Anna reminds everyone–especially women–that whatever your advocacy may be, whether it’s for the environment, education, or gender equality, every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the greater good.

Nicolle: Inclusive Leadership in Public Relations
Nicolle at work: inspiring to pave the way for women’s stories in her daily work.

For Nicolle, this year’s theme isn’t just a tagline; she believes that when women are given the chance to lead, different perspectives and experiences are brought to the table because of the various roles that women play on a daily basis. According to her, “This not only challenges gender biases, but also makes communities more inclusive and creates more spaces for women to take charge.”

As a Senior Public Relations Manager, Nicolle encounters many topics, people, and personalities. With PR being such a dynamic landscape, she says it is natural to seek a sense of belonging. However, she believes that this is an opportunity to carve out a unique space–one where fellow women can find belonging, thrive, and inspire others.

Her impact in Evident and the work she does reflects all these. Her role has allowed her to lead, have her voice heard, and tell the stories of various women, which in turn inspires and supports others.

“At Evident, our leaders make everyone feel appreciated and motivated to do their best, while also celebrating what makes each of us special. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment, especially when it comes to gender. I carry that mindset with me everywhere I go to empower women in any way I can.”

Nicolle notes the agency’s collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the Safe and Fair (SAF) program, which aimed at creating gender-responsive migration policies for Filipino women migrant workers as an initiative she is proud to have worked on.

Nicolle posing for a photo with content creator Angel Quilang during the Bayer for Her launch.

Additionally, the “Bayer For Her” campaign she helped launch focused on empowering women to take charge of their reproductive health, addressing taboo topics, and ensuring access to proper medical guidance. “Working in PR has provided me opportunities to lead a room and have my voice be heard. It also strengthened my skills to effectively tell stories of different women and the importance of inspiring and garnering support for others,” Nicolle remarked.

A Bright Future, Fueled by Women's Excellence

The stories of Pauline, Anna, and Nicolle aren’t just tales of individual triumphs; they’re reflections of Evident’s unwavering commitment to empowerment and progress. However, there is still more to work on across various sectors and in the country. While we have been seeing increased female representation in the workforce and leadership positions, there are still prevalent wage gaps and underrepresentation issues, and Filipino women surpassing men in education attainment does not always translate to securing equal job opportunities.

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, let’s not just applaud from the sidelines; but rather join hands in creating a future where every woman’s potential is unleashed, and every voice is heard. At Evident, we’re proud to heed the call to stand alongside remarkable women, investing in their dreams, and accelerating progress towards a more inclusive future for everyone.

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