Key leaders from Evident, PBCWE, and Investing in Women pose for a photo after the welcome event.

Evident joins business coalition to promote gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace

This blog post is written by Renz Celeridad, our Content Specialist for Advocacy Communication.

Makati, Philippines —
Evident, a women-led communications firm, joined the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE) to advocate for best practices enabling its employees to thrive and advance their careers at all levels while emphasizing its commitment to challenge gender stereotypes to define the future of work.
Key leaders from Evident, PBCWE, and Investing in Women pose for a photo after the welcome event.
Evident joined the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE) to learn about policies and systems that create an empowering and inclusive workplace for all its employees. IN PHOTO (L-R): Julia Andrea Abad, Executive Director, PBCWE; Ma. Aurora “Boots” D. Geotina-Garcia, Founding Chairperson and President, Philippine Women's Economic Network, and Governing Council Chairperson, PBCWE; Paul Bograd, Chairperson and Co-Founder, Evident; Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico, President and Chief Executive Officer, Evident; Stephanie Balois-Guerrero, Chief Operating Officer, Evident; and Kim Patria, Director for Influencing Gender Norms, Investing in Women

A 2020 study by the International Labour Organization showed that over 73% of Philippine businesses have increased their profits and boosted employee productivity by integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their operations. Yet, addressing gender disparity in the workplace has remained slow and has only been driven by reactive measures, according to a 2023 Grant Thornton report. 


Research funded by Investing in Women further revealed that gender stereotypes persist in the advertising industry, which for instance still associates home items and kitchenware with women, thereby suggesting that their roles remain in the household.


Such stereotypes can shape the perceptions of the roles of men and women at work and in the home, and influence opportunities made available to them. PBCWE has been promoting policies and tools that provide equal access to resources, benefits, and opportunities to all employees regardless of how they identify and express themselves.

Breaking Stereotypes, Reshaping Workplaces

Breaking gender stereotypes and reshaping workplaces into empowering and inclusive environments for all are at the core of Evident’s work. Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico, Chief Executive Officer of Evident, reinforced this mission through the firm’s efforts to deliver social impact through its communication interventions. 


“Over the years, we have worked on projects that advance gender equality. One such project that we were grateful to participate in was research on gender-based violence for internally displaced people in Marawi, and identifying behavior change communication opportunities to help move the needle,” shared Dominguez-Yujuico. She also cited a flagship project funded by Investing in Women called, STEMpower Our Girls, where “we worked to break stereotypes and challenge gender norms about women in STEM, and advocated for young girls to pursue careers in these fields.”


A number of these projects have been recognized by award-giving bodies such as The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business and the Philippine Quill Awards for Communication Management, giving Evident proofs-of-concept about the benefits of applying a gender lens into an organization’s initiatives. 

Defining the Future of Work

As Evident continues to grow, Dominguez-Yujuico recognized that the firm is charting a unique path to define the future of work, where its people are empowered to pursue personal and professional growth while contributing to the development of the health, environment, and agriculture sectors, among others. Its membership in PBCWE is a part of the firm’s commitment to attain such a future. 


“As our co-champion, Evident [could] leverage our platforms responsibly to amplify workplace gender equality as a core business strategy,” as advised by Ma. Aurora “Boots” D. Geotina-Garcia, Governing Council Chairperson of PBCWE. She then echoed the firm’s belief that “understanding the relationship between communications and gender equality could help companies create an environment where employees could grow and reach their fullest potential.”


PBCWE provides resources and opportunities for Evident to translate DEI into concrete policies and systems in the workplace. Geotina-Garcia added that the firm could learn from the case studies and success stories generated by PBCWE’s network of large, influential business leaders across the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. 

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