Evident facilitates Alsons Power Group’s journey to sustainability

This blog post is written by Kath Bulquerin, our Project Manager for Advocacy Communications.

Representatives from the Alsons Power Group went through a two-day workshop to integrate into their operations environmental, social, and governance standards, collectively known as ESG. Photo by Evident.

Makati, Philippines – Evident led a two-day workshop for Alsons Power Group (APG), a Mindanao-centric power generation company, on November 15-16, 2023. The workshop aimed to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards into APG’s operations. This initiative is part of APG’s strategy to enhance its sustainability efforts, focusing on strategies and activities that impact the community, economy, and environment.

Recognizing the growing demand among businesses to comply with ESG standards, APG enlisted Evident to facilitate the workshop and co-design a communication plan aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and effective communication.

Throughout the immersive sessions, participants delved deep into the multifaceted aspects of ESG and learned how to integrate environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance into a strategy that cuts across the business units of the Group.

Evident, drawing upon its experience in integrated marketing communications for sustainability initiatives, not only guided the discussions but also analyzed the inputs of the participants to be integrated into the communication plan.

Why businesses should adopt ESG

ESG stands at the forefront of today’s business landscape, marking itself as a crucial topic for companies worldwide. It is not just a trend, but a fundamental shift in how businesses operate, integrating sustainability into their core strategies.

ESG can future-proof businesses by minimizing their environmental footprints, fostering inclusive workplaces, and ensuring transparent and ethical governance. In the current market, investors increasingly demand that businesses meet ESG standards. This shift goes beyond compliance; it’s about strategic value. Investors see ESG-compliant companies are better equipped to handle regulatory changes and enjoy stronger investor trust. ESG integration helps attract investors who value sustainability and ethical practices alongside financial returns.

The workshop emphasized the growing consumer preference for businesses that balance profit with inclusivity, sustainability, and ethics. This trend is reshaping the market, as consumers lean towards environmentally friendly and ethically sound products and services. Businesses are adapting to align with these consumer values, acknowledging their critical role in a changing market landscape.

Powering with Care

True to its brand promise, “We Power with Care”, the Alsons Power Group ensures that it operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, illuminating the lives of over eight million people in 14 cities and 11 provinces in Mindanao with its four power plants totaling 468 megawatts.

It aligns its growth with the needs of its host communities, customers, and employees, as well as with the regulations set by the national government, ensuring sustained access to safe, reliable, and affordable power. Beyond electricity provision, their commitment extends to environmental preservation, youth development, and contributions to community livelihood.

For Alsons Power Group, embracing ESG isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative to significantly contribute in an industry undergoing rapid transformation. It’s about embracing changes and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability that extends beyond the boardroom.

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