Background says "Bottles can have many lives", while Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines' key leaders, endorsers, and DENR Undersecretary pose for a photo on stage.

Coca-Cola Philippines introduces more bottles made from 100% recycled plastic through “May Ikabobote Pa” consumer engagement initiative

This blog post is written by Jil Caro, our Senior Project Manager for Corporate and Public Affairs.

Coca-Cola Philippines takes another meaningful step toward a circular economy for plastic packaging by introducing more bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic (rPET), excluding caps and labels. The rPET packaging is now available for Coca-Cola Original in 190ml and 390ml and Wilkins Pure in 500ml, in addition to Sprite 500ml, which was introduced in 2019.

Background says "Bottles can have many lives", while Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines' key leaders, endorsers, and DENR Undersecretary pose for a photo on stage.
From left: Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. President and CEO Gareth McGeown, sustainability champion Andi Eigenmann, Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario, Miss Universe 2018 and environment advocate Catriona Gray, and DENR Undersecretary Juan Miguel Cuna at the launch of 'May Ikabobote Pa’ held last September 7, 2023.

This is in line with The Coca-Cola Company’s ambitious sustainable packaging strategy, “World Without Waste” where it aims to make 100% of its packaging recyclable globally by 2025, use at least 50% recycled plastic in its packaging by 2030, collect and recycle the equivalent of every can and bottle it sells by 2030, and bring people together to support a healthy, debris-free environment.

Infographic on recyclable packaging by Coca-Cola Philippines.
More about Coca-Cola Philippines’ approach to recyclable packaging at

“Coca-Cola recognizes that the plastic waste problem in the Philippines is both urgent and complex. Therefore, it will take a collaborative effort to solve this issue. In line with our commitment to helping build a circular economy in the country, we are working to offer innovative packaging design, expand collection and recycling programs, and forge strategic alliances with stakeholders—including government agencies, industry partners, and local organizations,” Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario said.  

“We will also use our brand power to engage consumers in collection and recycling initiatives and build awareness that used plastic bottles can have many lives,” he added.  

On top of the announcement of the new Coca-Cola Original and Wilkins Pure 100% rPET bottles, the company has also launched “May Ikabobote Pa”, its new consumer engagement initiative to inform and engage consumers about the actions they can take to recycle their empty plastic bottles. 

The company has established over 2,800 recycling drop-off points across the country, making it more convenient for consumers to return their empty bottles. The initiative encourages consumers to join recycling efforts, empowers small store owners to grow their businesses, and helps prevent plastic waste from ending up where it is not supposed to be. 

Evident Integrated Marketing & PR is honored to have contributed to the success of the  “May Ikabobote Pa” consumer engagement initiative by providing strategic communications support to Coca-Cola Philippines and effectively amplifying the program’s key messages to both the informed and general public through its network in the media.

LED wall behind says "Bottles can have many lives" while the working team from Evident pose in front of it.
In photo: Evident’s Corporate and Public Affairs Team and interns who supported and contributed to the “May Ikabobote Pa” launch.

Evident continues to provide year-round strategic communications support for Coca-Cola Philippines. To know more about Coca-Cola Philippines’ sustainability programs, visit

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