Click & Mortar: Our Online Shopping Habits

It’s been 22 years since e-commerce juggernaut Amazon first sold a book online, but the Philippines is catching up fast in online retail. Thanks to better payment methods and improved online shopping experiences, going to a mall in the Philippines feels like a chore compared to buying printer ink in Lazada.

Consider the past decade: our local online stores have evolved from campy Multiply shops selling grey area gadgets or paisley tops, to Facebook Groups for antique lovers and the entry of Lazada in the early 2010’s.

For many of us in Evident, online shopping has become such a habit that we interact with delivery boys more than our own friends. Sure, we love efficiency, but there’s certainly more to it than that. To delve deeper into this ‘more,’ we asked four members of Team Evident to tell us what they love about their favorite online stores:


Ayana Tolentino

Junior Copywriter, 23

Where do you shop? 

Why do you shop there? 
It’s really convenient, especially if you’re just replenishing your current beauty and skincare necessities. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had to go to a physical store to repurchase my favorite primer, for example. And they deliver within 24 hours + they have a COD option, so those are major pluses.

What about their marketing tactics pull you in?
I really like that they have their own online magazine on their website where they just talk about the benefits of the things they have on-hand, and how people with different skin types, undertones, and preferences might use them. I know that, at the end of the day, their goal is really to get you to patronize them, but they exhibit a level of believable expertise when assessing their beauty products that I’m convinced to try them out myself.

What do you like about them?
Honestly everything! BeautyMNL is doing it RIGHT. They have submitted reviews, reward systems, flexible payment options, quick-response customer service, a blog that showcases what the staff knows and what they’re like, a wide range of products (a few of which you can’t get anywhere else), and an easy-to-navigate user interface. What’s not to like?


Reemsha Inayet

Data Strategist, 24

Where do you shop? 
Shop Copper,
Instagram stores, Nasty Gal, or directly to the brand’s website, etc.

Why do you shop there? 
It’s convenient.
Also good for non-immediate needs. If the store has a rush delivery option, that makes it even better.

What about their marketing tactics pull you in? 
For Instagram stores, virality, customer reviews, and friends’ reviews make me feel safe in purchasing an item, although I wouldn’t spend much on the first buy.

What do you like about them? 
The convenience and hassle-free process: no more wasting energy looking for an item around a mall. But I have to be certain of a product before I buy.


Carlo C. Flordeliza

Director of Data and Insights, 29

Where do you shop?
Origins, Steam, Book Depository, Amazon and Lazada. I mostly buy video games, books and the occasional gadget.

Why do you shop there?
Convenience for the most part. At the same time, some of the books I want are from independent and university publishers, and they’re the only ones who can get it. For video games, it’s cheaper and you can download it to any device as long as you have a Steam and Origins account.

What about their marketing tactics pull you in?
Marketing tactics didn’t pull me in. Preference for them was solidified by testimonials from friends and colleagues.

What do you like about them?
Interfaces are also easy to navigate and it’s easy to look what you’re looking for. They also provide recommendations and other options you might be interested in.


Tammy David

Director of Research, Knowledge and Development. 34

Where do you shop?
Althea, Shopee, Amazon and Lazada

Why do you shop there?
Availability of products like hard-to-find Korean Skincare products, books and gadgets. I also like purchasing random things like a portable bidet, vanity mirror with LED light and other Kickstarter projects. I also bought an I HATE CARBS shirt with Duterte’s face from Gen Z Instagram brand Walwalette.

What about their marketing tactics pull you in?
For the online stores I frequent, it’s the user experience and the availability of an app. I also dig their recommendations which is why I accept cookies. I never liked shopping because it feels like a chore to go to one place and the fear or running into people you don’t like.

What do you like about them?
Bundles, gift sets, holiday sales. I’m a sucker for freebies too and attractive newsletters.


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