Christmas and Chill: Must watch list this season by Team Evident

Last year, we put together a mixtape to welcome the holiday season. The eclectic playlist contained a variety songs that reminds our team of holiday memories. This year, we came up with a “must watch” list to keep you on the couch as you overeat and recharge. Here’s a list that can rival the local film festival, containing everything from classic chick flicks, pop star documentaries, period dramas and even stand up comedy shows. Merry Christmas and happy viewing from Team Evident!


Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico, CEO



Neal Brennan is best known as the co-creator of Dave Chappelle’s The Chappelle Show and co-writer for the film Half Baked. 3 Mics is Brennan’s unique take on standup comedy, where he uses three microphones to take on different topics, ranging from one-liners, to stand-up, to “heavy stuff,” like depression and his relationship with his father. The result is a thought-provoking, well-executed comedy performance that takes you through a rollercoaster of feelings, from belly-aching laughter to heartbreak.


Younger (Season 1 and 2)

Kate Paredes-Ricard, VP for Operations



Created by Darren Star of Sex and the City fame, Younger is a story about a 40-something mom who pretends to be a 26 year-old publisher. It’s a witty mix of Gen X references and slight millennial ribbing—a light, thoughtful watch this holiday season.


Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

Gian Lao, Senior Associate for Public Affairs



Too much of reality television focuses on the “television” part, and not on “reality.” Terrace House lets us into the real and quiet lives of young Japanese people, and we see minor personal issues that we might actually identify with, as opposed to the typical “who slept with who” of reality TV. We see the benefits and pitfalls of Japan’s value for maintaining harmony. And, for a few moments each episode, we are allowed to remember not the wildness of our youth, but the reality, the comfort, and perhaps the potential we once enjoyed.


Gaga: Five Foot Two

Louie Balboa Cartagena, Associate for Visual and Information Design



“Most pop star documentaries are made to uphold that fantasy and appease a loyal fanbase, hopefully winning more fans over in the process, but there’s something about Gaga: Five Foot Two that feels incredibly far detached from its stereotypical, cash cow peers. Rooted in reality, this is a film about a superstar made with grit rather than glitter. The vision of its director doesn’t submit to the dazzling idea of fame being something we should all strive for, and the only “concert movie” sequences are Gaga at small gigs performing behind a piano. Instead, it feels like an antidote to them all, teaching Gaga’s obsessive fans (and newcomers who watch it, too) that there’s more to life than having everybody know your name; it’s merely an added bonus to the brilliant work you, as an artist, are permitted to make.” (Highsnobiety)

As 2017 comes to a close, watching this documentary is the perfect way to reflect on how the struggles we had, the challenges we faced, and the sacrifices we made re/defined what success, fulfilment, and happiness mean to us.


The Crown (Season 1 and 2)

Tammy David, Marketing Manager for Evident



I love historical dramas and anything about the Royal family. The most expensive show ever produced delivers. There are two seasons so it’s the perfect binge for the break.


Flash (Season 1 – 4)

Julio Gonzales, Data Strategist



I like how Barry Allen (The Flash)—the fastest man alive—always ends up finding someone faster than him. Despite this, he somehow finds a way to best the villains.

P.S. I personally recommend watching it with Arrow, because some characters in Flash are introduced in Arrow, plus the crossover episodes are cool.


Saving 10,000 (Documentary)

Tristan Jess Lobendino Espinosa, Motion Designer



It’s always been fascinating for me—how a first world country like Japan possesses the highest rates of suicide. This is an insider’s perspective on the issues that plague the land of the rising sun. The particular topic that interests me is the issue of mental health, as it has recently garnered more attention from the general public, and rightfully so.


Suits (Season 1 – 7)

Benjamin Felix L. Santos, Associate for Content and Social Media



I never get tired of watching this series. You don’t need to know much about law to enjoy it because the storylines are easy to follow and absolutely interesting. I especially like the witty lines. Every actor portrays their respective roles really well, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. And can I just say, the drama is INTENSE. You’re in for a ride every step of the way.


Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Riell G. Dela Cruz, Associate for Information and Design



This was actually recommended to me by Gian saying that it reminds him of me (100% true). The show features a dessert per episode and has a lot of food porn. If you’re into sweets and weird things, give this show a try. (´。• ω •。`) ♡



Kaan Cornelio, Project Manager



I’m a sucker for teeth-numbing chick flicks. This one is especially special because it’s set in “picturesque” New York during Christmas.



Dove Subingsubing, Project Manager



Watch it if you love historical dramas and a healthy dose of barbaric acts of violence. The central characters are based on real Viking warriors, but what I love about it is how reality and religion bleed together to create a world in which anything can happen. Plus, Rollo, Ragnar, Athelstan and Lagertha are so swoon-worthy! Lastly, Google “blood eagle” and wait for the episode where this happens. It’s so bad it’s good.


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