#Blessed: Evident’s Guide to Worthwhile Causes

#Blessed: Evident’s Guide to Worthwhile Causes

Don’t worry. This isn’t another Christmas gift guide or wish list. We know you’ve read, like, 20 of them since the holiday season began.

Nope, this year we decided to do something a little different. In line with the season of giving—and inspired by the work we’ve done for different NGOs—we present to you a list of game-changingorganizations that you should consider donating to this Christmas.


1. Synergeia Foundation


Studies show there is a high correlation between community engagement and academic performance: if an entire community invests time and effort into a child’s education, his or her grades are bound to go up. As Dr. Susan K. Brems, USAID Mission Director, put it:It is the shared responsibility of society to raise a child.”



2. Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation


This NGO started as a movement to fundraise boats for children in Layag-Layag, Zamboanga City who used to swim to school, but it has expanded to provide school supplies, classrooms, medical/dental missions, and bridges to communities nationwide.

Co-founder Jay Jaboneta shares, “6 years ago today, the story of the swimming kids from Layag-Layag was shared to me. This is the most important lesson I’ve learned: If you want to bring change, people must become part of it.” The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation has already helped bring 2,446 boats to 41 communities and counting. Learn more about how to donate here.



3. Philippine Eagle Foundation


The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) is committed to promoting the survival of this national icon and the sustainable use of our forest resources. Monetary donations go to supporting a Philippine Eagle in the Center, providing fuel to rescue teams, and even securing seedlings for rainforests. “By using the Philippine Eagle as the focal point of conservation, we are, in the process, saving wildlife and their habitat,” said Dennis Salvador, executive director of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) points out. Click here for more information.



4. Girls Got Game


“Our vision is to empower young Filipinas with important life lessons through sports,” say Krizanne Ty and Nikka Arcilla, Co-founders of Girls Got Game (GGG).

Determination, sacrifice, hard work, and discipline— all awesome values which GGG aims to cultivate in their free sports camp for girls in difficult socio-economic conditions.  With a focus on teaching team sports, GGG’s mentors train pre-teen girls in various sports and act as supportive ate figures that inspire young women to eventually rise out of their current situations. If you too believe in the strength and inspiration sports can bring, donate to GGG!



5. Hineleban Foundation


Can a cup of coffee help save the rainforest and empower the indigenous tribes in Mindanao? Hineleban Foundation shows us that it’s certainly possible! For every bag of Hineleban coffee sold, the foundation will plant a tree on your behalf which you can track via Google maps. The foundation also works closely with communities in Bukidnon to raise their quality of life through livelihood opportunities.

“Everything we do involves conserving the environment and creating opportunities by working with the communities around the remaining forest areas of Bukidnon. This goes beyond planting trees but rather reviving rainforests and bringing back nature’s true form, which eventually will trickle down to food security,” marketing representative Jairus Ferrer explains.


6. Jeepneed Foundation


Who says science labs can’t be fun and affordable? Jeepneed is all about improving how public school teachers teach science through their low-cost innovation, called the Lab-In-A-Box. Each box contains hands-on activities and modules, designed with the student and teacher in mind. Jeepneed has already begun reaping the fruits of their labor, as Shaina Tantuico, Jeepneed Managing Director shared: “It was so wonderfully affirming to find out NAT test scores increased in schools we operated in.” Excited to help the scientists, farmers, engineers, and inventors of tomorrow? Donate to Jeepneed!



If there’s one thing we know for sure, you don’t have to be a big organization to make a big impact. Though these NGOs may not be household names yet, they’re well on their way to changing our country for the better.

If you want to be good boys and girls this Christmas, share some of your #blessings with these worthwhile causes!


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