Job Description

Evident Communications is looking for a Corporate and Public Affairs Associate. The candidate should have at least two (2) years experience doing public relations, corporate communications or related disciplines. He or she should:

  • Be able to write or assist in writing communication plans
  • Provide occasional strategic and tactical recommendations to clients from a variety of sectors
  • Research for, write, and edit press releases, speeches, concept notes, and position papers
  • Understand basic project management in order to mount events (e.g. press or stakeholder briefings)
  • Know how to connect with and maintain media relationships
  • Produce monthly media reports

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates will be assessed based on the following:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Editorial capability
  • Media relations capability
  • Client servicing

What's next?

You can apply via kalibrr or send an e-mail to