Careers at Evident

Advocacy Communications (ADV) Intern

We’re looking for an Advocacy Communications Intern who is driven, curious, and has a passion for social impact projects.  Join our team to understand the inner workings of project management and learn from subject matter experts.

Job Description:

The ADV Intern will work closely with Evident’s project managers specifically under the Advocacy Communications business unit, to provide daily administrative, operational, and research-specific assistance. Specifically:

  • Attend internal team meetings for advocacy communications and other projects, and document agreements of meetings
  • Provide documentation support during online events, where needed
  • Provide support in administrative tasks such as organizing the advocacy communication team’s online database and files
  • Conduct desk research for various advocacy communications projects
  • Provide internal coordination support with the other business units (Digital Marketing, Corporate and Public Affairs, Creatives, Operations)
  • Draft other internal communications documents, as needed


  • Currently taking up a university degree in any of the following or other related fields: Mass Communication, Development Communication, Organizational Communication, Public Relations, or Advertising


  • Practical knowledge of Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Office
  • Experience in writing and editing
  • Can communicate clearly and effectively
  • An ability to work with a team via remote set-up (teleconferencing, etc.)

Reporting Period

  • 3x a week, 4 hours per day (preferably Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays as the busiest days of the week)
What’s Next?

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