Shining a Light on Education Governance

Synergeia Foundation is a coalition of individuals, institutions, and organizations all working together and doing whatever it takes to Make Education Work in their localities.

With the support of USAID, Synergeia implements the Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE) Program, which trains and empowers local communities to enact initiatives that ensure each child gets the good basic education he or she deserves. The end goal is to improve learning outcomes, particularly early grade reading in the Philippines.


Together with Synergeia, we created a comprehensive digital marketing communicationsstrategy for the program to increase awareness and build a community of supporters. In less than six months of digital advocacy and outreach, Synergeia’s online family tripled in size.

Sharing and inspiring success

From Mayors in remote barangays to engaged corporate partners and institutions— everyone has a stake in Making Education Work. We took the best practices that we found in Synergeiamunicipalities and schools, and turned them into easy-to-understand, shareable content for social media.

Cultivating a culture that cares

Using compelling statistics, real-life success stories, and actionable insights from Synergeia’sstakeholders, we designed positive and engaging assets to tell Synergeia’s story. By exploring these themes, we found that we could talk about poverty and public policy from a hopeful lens: education governance.

Strategic messaging

Our key messages and visual content were informed by a strong backbone of research and analytics. This resulted in the creation viral content that is regularly shared by a community of engaged individuals from all over the country who care about quality education in our public schools.

Key Result Areas

  • 250% increase in Facebook Community over 5 months
  • 1400+% increase in reach over 5 months
  • Synergeia regularly receives requests and inquiries on Facebook for the program to be implemented in new schools and municipalities


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