May 7, 2018
By: Evident

These 3Cs Will Help You Create Video Content at Scale

By Tammy David

Congratulations on integrating video into your marketing strategy! You now know the difference between a six-second pre-roll ad and a gif. Your team successfully created and published video content that you can proudly show your 8-year-old niece. But you don’t see the numbers you expect, you rely heavily on paid media, and you’re starting to wonder if it was worth investing in a content studio—which is actually just a corner of your office, an entry-level DSLR, and a decent microphone.

“Video is a powerful storytelling tool and it can be equally powerful in your marketing strategy if done right.”

But how do you get attention? Every minute 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, news organizations announce breaking news on Facebook Live, and Netflix is on top of everybody’s weekend to-do list. Video is a powerful storytelling tool and it can be equally powerful in your marketing strategy if done right. We asked Mikko Samson, our Data and Insights head, how marketers can be smarter in the video marketing game.

Her tip: always remember the three Cs.


To be exact, create regularly. Producing a video once every quarter is not enough. Video is no longer an afterthought in digital marketing because the more you create, the more you will get to know your audience. By publishing videos that are consistent in quality and messaging, you can gather data about your audience like attention span, type of mobile device, time spent, and preferred platform. Keep a regular schedule and make use of the data gathered. “Produce videos that entertain to get people’s attention and deliver micro-moments or how-to content for your market’s I-want-to-do moments,” suggests Mikko.


This does not mean hiring a big-name director to shoot your fintech ad and publish it in your channel of less than 50,000 followers. Collaborating in video marketing means reaching out to content creators (or influencers), media companies, and communities who already have a strong following and point of view. Collaborating with a key opinion leader or organization can help your brand connect with their reach. When an influencer or preferred news outlet publishes your branded content on their platform, this can help boost awareness that will lead to engagement in your own platforms. “The objective of collaborating is relevance,” says Mikko. Connecting with communities also helps your brand in gaining allies or stakeholders who can support you.


Now that your in-house content studio and boosting budget are growing and you have collaborators and media outlets approaching your brand for partnerships, the next step is to curate. Curation means giving your audience a better experience. With the data you’ve gathered from creating and collaborating, you can now craft better content that suits the needs of your audience. “Brands should do more storymaking than storytelling,” shares Mikko. According to AdAge, “Storymaking has kept coming up as a way to describe the shift away from the broadcast-era mentality of storytelling to a new approach where marketers build on stories that people share with each other.“ Storymaking allows your audience to talk about your product or service and publish it in their own platform. Storymaking also means producing fan-inspired content and doing live coverage of events that would interest them as well.

“Smart video marketing is being able to produce content backed by data that delivers to the right audience and produces quantitative results.”

Behind the scenes of STEP UP’s “Dear Teacher” campaign featuring Jeff Zulueta last January 2017. For our digital marketing strategy for Philippine Business and Education, we used video to inspire people to teach and generate leads. This campaign recently won the 2017 Anvil Award Gold for Public Relations Tools: Multimedia/Digital.

With the three Cs in mind, smart video marketing does not mean 10 high production value videos a month or hiring the highest paid influencer to talk about your brand. Smart video marketing is being able to produce content backed by data that delivers to the right audience and produces quantitative results. Aside from the views, leads, and engagement rate, the best kind of result is being able to produce memorable content that is inspiring, entertaining, and educational. Because according to Mikko, “meaning and inspiration cannot be quantified.

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