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Evident is a team of pop psychologists, armchair anthropologists, humble futurists, data nerds, and digital media natives. We help empower clients to stand out in an ecosystem teeming with information. We tell stories based on reality in a landscape of press releases.

We weave narratives while others read drearily from old, moldy missalettes. We make music in a world of noise, and our clients are able to inhabit a position they didn’t think existed: a fertile middle ground between what the audience wants to hear and what they should hear.


Paul Bograd

Chairman of the Board

Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico


Kate Paredes-Ricard

VP for Operations


Sandra Sulit

Creative Director

Diane Hidalgo

Director of Corporate and Public Affairs

Mikko Samson

Director of Data and Insights

Ian Lim

Content Director

Tammy David

Marketing Manager

Deniece Acosta

Operations Executive

Dove Subingsubing

Senior Project Manager

Fatima Reyes

Project Manager for Corporate and Public Affairs

Bernard Eseo

Project Manager

Bianca Dayrit

Project Manager

Aerianne Mendoza

Project Manager

Julio Gonzales

Data Strategist

Lance Florentino

Graphic Designer

Louie Cartagena

Graphic Designer

Benjamin Santos

Associate for Content and Social Media

Marilyn Murtos

Administrative Officer

Irene Sumalde

Financial Analyst

Fatima Canillas

Executive Assistant

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