6 Easy Steps to Start your B2B Company’s Online Presence

by | Jul 18, 2016 | B2B Digital Marketing

In the Philippines—where there is little data on digital and content marketing—decision-makers like you may not see the value of moving your B2B company to the online world. After all, B2B is all about making transactions with other businesses, and none of your clients are on Facebook anyway, so why bother?


When your business’ day-to-day role is dealing with other businesses, does online presence even matter?

The reality is—it does.

Not utilizing digital marketing means missing out on possible leads. You might already be happy with the current client base you have, but wouldn’t you be happier if exciting, challenging clients outside your immediate business circle reach out to you and prefer you to your competitors?

Of course you would.

But before you think it’s as simple as posting a status update on your corporate Facebook page and calling it a day, there are a few things you need to know:


b2bicons-021. Build a brand that humanizes your company.

You have a strong relationship with your clients. That’s great! Now, you need to humanize your brand. Remember that you’re talking to people behind those businesses, and developing a more human brand enables you to engage with them on a deeper personal level.

Use first person terms when creating your content to show customers that they can turn to you to provide solutions to their industry problems. You can also assign someone to be your brand ambassador on social media. Your brand ambassador can either be internal or external to your company, but must be someone who knows both your industry and social media marketing, so they can start a conversation with your clients.


b2bicons_Artboard 1272. Create clear, well-written, and informational content.

There is plenty of information on the web, and your customers are digging through them all to find the solutions they want and need for their businesses. In fact, 95% of buyers choose a solution provider that has “ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process”.

To keep your customers involved, give them the context and tools they need to make smart purchase decisions. When clients regularly receive relevant and thoughtful information from you, they will see you as an expert that they can rely on for solutions.


b2bicons_Artboard 127 copy3. Appeal to the mobile-happy buyers.

B2B customers are now of the Mobile Generation. Studies show that 57% of decision-makers use their mobile devices to look up service or product information after first learning about it. Social media is the perfect way to give updates or new offers to your clients once you have it available. You can also generate and nurture leads in an easy and timely manner using Facebook or LinkedIn better than outbound marketing.


b2bicons_Artboard 1304. Streamline the buying process.

What do Amazon, Zappos, and Dune London have in common? That’s right—each has a great checkout process that users love. Do the same for your customers, and create a streamlined buying process that won’t make them jump through hoops just to close the deal. Digital marketing enables you to read and predict customers’ needs, whether they are in the research phase or buying stage, and you can alter your behavior accordingly. Follow-ups are easier and less intrusive, and customer issues are immediately addressed when done on social media.


b2bicons_Artboard 1315. Develop a strategic, targeted and measurable digital marketing plan.

Mapping out your digital marketing plan is well and good, but when you get caught up in creating content and scheduling your posts, your initial goals may get lost along the way. Even a simple one-page digital marketing plan can help you establish your objectives and KPIs. With a good plan in place, you can measure results, identify which tactic works, and improve your digital engagement for the future.


b2bicons_Artboard 1326. Target initiators and influencers with correct SEO key terms.

A common mistake with B2B SEO campaigns is targeting keywords that only appeal to people with buying power. Remember—the B2B approval process involves dealing with a handful of initiators and influencers, who will ultimately endorse you to the decision-makers. When you plan an SEO campaign, include key terms relevant to everyone in the buying cycle.


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