December 14, 2016
By: Evident

1. Topical, responsive content

Only produce topical, responsive content when it stays true to your brand’s overall vision-mission.

2. Only publish verified content

Take a stand against the spread of fake or misleading news by ensuring that you only publish verified content.

3. Avoid click-bait

Avoid the use of click-bait titles and headlines that sensationalize content or aggravate the “headline only”-reading public.

4. Boost ads strategically

Boost ads more strategically, with the aim of reaching those who could actually benefit from your product.

5. Keep user experience top of mind

Keep user experience top of mind when considering design, to ensure that you’re communicating your message effectively.

6. Develop a rapport

You need to develop a rapport based on empathy with your consumers, to understand what they might need from you, then applying these learnings.

7. Useful, evergreen content

And lastly: create useful, evergreen content that you and your brand would be proud to stand by despite the turning trends.

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